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Outside training

If it is better and easier for your company to train your employees on its own territory, Knowledge Club Slovakia is ready to offer you our Outside Training service. Its idea lies in the fact that the instructor travels to you, and provides training on-site in your classrooms. We offer intensive outside training with lot of practical tasks under the guidance of highly qualified teachers.

We can also offer to training centers a possibility to rent our instructor for the delivery of a certain course or training. You can face such necessity during the “hot” periods (spring and autumn), when the load of trainer center’s own resources is at its maximum, or in cases when a particular course is delivered rarely. In such situations, we can offer you our assistance.

Knowledge Club Slovakia has rich experience in outside training delivery. We have successfully implemented projects for outside training in the Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Cyprus and Latvia. During the outbound training the content of the courses can fully comply with authorized training, but can also be adapted according to the needs of the customer.

The advantages of outside training for your company:

  • Significant cost savings by eliminating the cost of travel and travel expenses for several employees;
  • Employees will not take the time to travel, thus saving their time;
  • The courses can be customized due to your requirements.

The conditions of outside training:

  • A room equipped for training courses (with projector, board, personal computers, network connectivity and Internet);
  • Travel and accommodation of our instructor is paid by the customer at actual costs.

In order to book outbound training or rent our trainer, as well as for any additional information, please, feel free contact us via [email protected]


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