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At present time there is an undeniable fact that the correct build of a company’s IT-infrastructure is the key to its future business success. Appropriate knowledge is necessary for modern, reliable, flexible and competitive solutions. Knowledge Club Slovakia was founded by the group of like-minded persons headed by Dmytro Benda (CCSI#33268) at Bratislava, Slovakia in 2012. The company provides training and consulting in the field of information technologies in areas such as networking, network security, unified communications and IP telephony, wireless technologies, data centers. The goal of Knowledge Club Slovakia – to provide high quality training for IT-specialists, to grow professionals and experts. In order to do this we use all the most modern and effective methods and programs for training, developed by the leading IT vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, etc). In addition, all our instructors have the necessary certifications, teaching experience, and, what is the most important, practical experience in the implementation of various IT-projects. All of them are multilingual. The main key differences Knowledge Club Slovakia are:

  • Guaranteed high quality of education and services;
  • Students can study individual programs specifically designed for a particular customer;
  • The possibility to study in more than one language;
  • Individual approach to each customer and the listener;
  • Honesty and integrity.

We will be glad to assist you in organizing your highend IT-infrastructure, expanding the horizons of your knowledge!


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